Kensington Branches

We have three branches in Kensington, each supported by our partner church Holy Trinity Brompton.

Branch Manager: Sarah Simms
Open Advice Manager: Teresa Walshe  

We usually hold appointments on Monday evenings, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Appointments are held on Thursdays


Our appointments take place on Tuesdays


Holy Trinity Brompton

Our Kensington branches are run with the support of Holy Trinity Brompton church (HTB)

HTB is where Crosslight was born in 2009, and is home to our main central office. HTB provides most of the funding of the Kensington branches, and most of our local volunteers are part of HTB's congregation. We also rely on the generosity of HTB for office space and counselling rooms, as well as pastoral support for volunteers and clients alike. Without the support of HTB, our Kensington branches would not exist.

HTB Logo_Black_Lrg.png


All our branches rely on the generosity of donors to fund our work. Any donations you are able to make to will be used by Crosslight to support our local branches.