Getting Ready

Once you have booked an appointment to come and see one of our amazing advisers, please help us by following the four simple steps below to get yourself ready. The more you are able to prepare beforehand, the more we can help.


step 1 - bring your papers

Please bring all your papers - benefit letters, rent statement, wage slips, bank statements, bills, letters from your creditors. You can find a useful checklist below.


step 2 - complete a budget sheet

Before you come to your appointment, please will you fill in this online Budget Sheet to the best of your ability - it is just a first draft so it doesn’t have to be perfect and we will go through it when we see you. Or if you prefer, you can fill in a paper version here and bring it with you when you come to your appointment.



Before your appointment, there are some important things you need to know about our service and what receiving help from Crosslight will mean to you. Please click the button below to read a copy of our Important Information leaflet.


step 4 - think about your options

Finding your way out of debt can be confusing, and there may be a number of different options open to you. Not all options will be appropriate for your situation, and we will help you decide which one is right for you. But if you’d like to understand what the potential options are, you can download our simple ‘Which Path’ booklet.