Missed Appointment


We’re sorry that you missed your recent appointment

Missed appointments place a great strain on our charity and mean that others who really need help miss out.

If you would still like support from Crosslight, please contact us as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you, we will close your file.

if your case is closed…

  • If we have started working on your case, we will stop, and Crosslight will no longer act on your behalf. Any authority you have previously given us in this regard will be cancelled

  • If we have been in contact with any of your creditors and they subsequently get in touch with us, we will inform them that we are no longer acting for you and that they should contact you directly

  • Any paperwork you have given us will be securely shredded unless you have asked for any original documents to be returned to you

  • Crosslight is obliged to keep our electronic records relating to your case for regulatory and audit purposes for a period of up to 6 years after your case is closed, after which they will be permanently deleted. As per the Agreement you signed, all your records are kept on a secure system which is subject to strict confidentially rules and will never be disclosed to third parties unless explicitly required by law or for audit purposes. You can find out more about how we handle your data here.